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They way it is packaged it lasts about 6 days for us. Also, they are constantly innovating and doing new stuff.

Create A Healthy Plate with Simply Delicious Living

Great People to work with. I find Living Food Company's products real, crunchy and fresh.

They help me to innovate my dishes, enhances their flavour and adds nutrition. Living Greens are much much better than any other Microgreens. You will only understand when you use it.

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Just cut and use them. Living Food Company has the best and the freshest microgreens in town. They have veery distinctive flavours and characteristics which you don't find anywhere else today. I love the stuff they do and the verticals that they are getting into are very interesting. And would love to work with you guys for a long time. Started getting microgreens, sourdough bread and the jam from Living foods. Fantastic quality and tye best sourdough bread that I got so far in Bangalore!

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I have also been a customer since their launch and their microgreens are fantastic, they are top-notch in flavor, the crunch and the nutrients they have are fantastic. I also recently subscribed to their Kombucha and we all love it at home. Keep up the Good work!

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Their products are top quality - speaks for themselves. I have experienced a minor glitch in their service initially but when pointed out the entire team got together and worked towards fixing it. They take customer satisfaction very seriously and I was really impressed at the turnaround time on the resolution.

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Everyone in the top management took a negative feedback and turned it into a positive experience for me - shows their commitment. Sometimes I really am thankful that I have settled in a city like Bangalore which offers us such high quality, unadulterated health food options like the produce from Living Food Company.

The microgreens are first and foremost such a visual treat. One can simply sit and gaze at these superfoods which come in such an attractive package. Farm to fork in real sense.

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We are now regular subscribers and look forward to these beauties to arrive every Saturday. Not just the produce but logistics, customer response everything is top notch. Use them as a salad garnish or on sandwich or just eat them right out of the soil. In all formats they feel the perfect source of nutrition. Experience the Freshest and Healthiest Food Imaginable.

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Farm to Fork In under 2 Hours. Oven to Table In Under 2 Hours. Organic Capers The most flavourful superfoods are here! Healthy Breakfast Toasted Millet Muesli.

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Everyday Superfoods Clean, Credible and Sustainable. Jamun Preserve Made with Real Jamun. Guilt-free and diabetic-friendly. They work to meet modern needs with contemporary nature health care methods and expert advice to cover trending topics ranging from natural beauty to healthy cooking. Every year, delicious living staff choose products that fit their theme by testing, tasting and using them before promoting them. Revitalize your tresses with this complete hair care routine specially formulated for women with thinning hair.

Perfect for trial or travel!


Each system contains Triple Action Shampoo, Conditioner and Complete Topical Serum that targets from root to tip for visibly thicker-looking, fuller-looking hair. Trioxidil is enhanced with a proprietary moisture barrier technology that locks in the key bioactive ingredients to support the efficacy and retain skin moisture. All Rights Reserved.