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Will she survived the deadly game of thrones?

And keeps her eyes hidden more by applying blue eyeshadow to hide the fact she's a Lannister in Dorne. Please enjoy this chapter! We have been traveling for nearly a day and a half. And I feel just as responsible to save her, we quickly changed into more "dornish" clothing. I wore a blue dress similar to the one I wore in winterfell but more of a feel. I tied my hair in a loose ponytail and the other two dresses in simple clothing. I placed my weapons underneath my dress just how like I was taught back then in Casterly Rock.

We ended up walking up the dusty muddy and boring beach. I notice how this beach was different from ours back home. If this is the famous water gardens, that was given as a gift to the Targaryen bride, if I was her. I will totally reject this shit. Hell no! Try something that will appeal to my taste not to yours, selfish bastard. We had to stop to get some sleep which we did.

Do I feel deeply connected to it? Am I spending my time with people I feel connected with?

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Is there a purpose to the things I do? What is my objective beyond money?

What am I trying to achieve with this life? How can I make the world a better place? There is nothing wrong with consulting. If you know why you do what you do, your life will have purpose, and if your life has purpose.

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Meaning is an outcome of leading a purposeful life. Although money could be, and should be an output of your purpose but money as the destination defeats the idea of having a worthy purpose. How many of us know a bunch of rich people? How many of us know people who inspire us to make the world a better place? The problem with the current state of the society is that it is built around materialism.

People who have a lot of money and things money can buy are celebrated by the society. However, if we need to move towards a meaning and purpose driven society, we need to make a few fundamental changes in the way we live. We need to teach children to find ways to contribute to their surroundings. We need to reorient our goals. We need to ask ourselves how we feel inside. Do we feel fulfilled or do we feel empty? If we continue to feel empty in spite of all the success we have achieved, then clearly we have gone wrong somewhere as human race.

We need to feed our core to feel good about ourselves. I want you to lead a meaningful life, now that you are reading this article. Please stop feeling empty.

Start slow. Do not rush. Significant changes take time. Give yourself some time, to think and understand who you are, and what you are truly meant to do. You will need to introspect and understand things that you find meaningful. For example, you may realize that you love animals and making the world safer for animals makes you feel great. I remember knowing an old man who would spend his mornings and evening feeding stray dogs in the area.

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He would walk with bags full of snacks and feed dogs. Nobody understood why he did what he did. But he did that religiously because he got some satisfaction out of it, and perhaps meaning. The stray dogs waited for him all day, and wagged their tails about him as he walked. Let me make this sharper for you. If you want your life to have meaning, you need to do stuff that you find meaningful.

It is as simple as that. You may be in a job, or work for yourself, or whatever. If you are a lawyer, may be you want to be a teacher. If you are a teacher, may be you want to be a lawyer. If you are a consultant, may be you want to be a comedian. If you are a banker, may be you want to be a writer. If you have never taken off the time to understand who you are and things you like, please take the time.

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You need to make the time to understand yourself. I never knew for most of my life that work could be a source of meaning and pleasure. I found a comedian within me on the stage, and making people happy started generating meaning for my life. I also do research work which I find meaningful because I get to understand a lot of new things about the world.

Are your relationships meaningful? Love is at the essence of meaning and happiness. Love is the foundation. You need to figure who and what you love to be able to create meaning in your life.

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Figure out what you love. Find someone you love and start loving. Let us come back to the question I started this piece with- does life have meaning? No, life has no meaning.