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In The Dark by Penny’s Scar

He always did once the yearning to be free and sail the seven seas had been assuaged, then he would hold her and love her and she would forgive and forget. He was her lover, her friend and husband in the eyes of God above and father of her children yet to be born. Bonny bairns who would play at her feet. Strong sons who one day would go to sea and ease their poverty, such dreams had she!

I sensed the atmosphere change. Anticipation, excitement and the thrill of laying in his arms replaced by a dull dread. Outside the sky was blackening, dark storm clouds approached. I smelt the promise of rain, harsh and bitter.

Gratitude Lounge

I heard the rasp of the door swinging open. She had no words left. It was time to go. I took a final look around and followed her out. The croft was empty, love did not live here any more. The tide was going out and I made haste down to the beach, passing a rocky outcrop of granite monoliths.

Had she too passed this way? Were the stones silent sentinels witnessing her silent scream as day became night and night day as she waited, fear descending as a clammy shroud. At the closing of the day, as the light was fading away, I saw her standing there upon her lonely shore. Calling, calling…. But her love did not hear, for he was lost to the deep embrace of a cold, cruel sea. The siren had called.

He would not return. Her words were carried on the wind over the sea to Skye for no one to hear but me…. Beautiful Image from Pixabay. Adam was taken off guard by her request, this was a move he had not anticipated. Evelyn had been so elusive his normal confidence with women had subsided. The lady had spoken and he did not need to be asked twice. With gallant good humour Adam responded,. He had set out to play a game to win, a game of check mating her into the bedroom. Now the tables had been turned, Adam really did not care.

They had started a strange journey together, and Adam was more than happy to see where it led to, somewhere across forever, he hoped. At the top of the steep and narrow stairs everything was absolutely pitch black. He was aware his feet were treading on ancient wooden floorboards that creaked in complaint at their weight. Evelyn continued catlike down a long length of corridor. She did not seem to need any light to find her way.

Adam followed closely on her footsteps, not entirely comfortable in the pitch blackness. He heard a rasp as an antique door was scraped open across the ancient floor. Then totally unexpectedly light illuminated the darkness. They were on the stone window ledges of the two latticed windows and also placed in the hearth of the large inglenook fireplace in which a fire was lit and blazing with dancing red and gold flames.

The heady scent of Patchouli filled the room. She walked towards her four poster bed which had been hewn from rich dark oak and ornately carved. The bed was draped with heavy silk brocade, purple and gold threads entwined in an elegant pattern. Adam was surprised. Downstairs the Inn had been so dilapidated. This room was fit for a goddess, for his own personal goddess of the Half Moon Inn. And there she stood by the light of the fire in all her beauty.

As Adam regarded his Eve, his heart filled with love.

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She was just so delicately beautiful and ethereal. She seems to shine like the dawn. She seems as beautiful as the moon. She seems as bright as the sun. Evelyn slowly removed the Gossamer dress, letting it slid down her body and fall in a gently crumpled heap at her feet, she delicately stood out of the dress and stood before him in her nakedness.

There was a translucent quality to her unblemished porcelain skin, almost as if she were not of this world. In the soft light of the dancing flames she was timeless and numinous. His eyes were fixed on hers, lost in their depths of darkness. He saw his own face reflected back in the light of her eyes, and saw softness there, he also saw compassion and tenderness.

He saw Love. The storm had passed and the night sky was a black velvet blanket covered with a myriad of sparkling diamonds. The moon hung low against this celestial backdrop, a perfect orb of brilliant milky white. Evelyn did not answer as she stood moon gazing. She was totally transfixed, entranced looking at the heavenly orb. Raising her slender, milky arms into the air, her slender body swaying gently, she began chanting and intoning sacred words. With eyes closed and her body still slightly swaying she chanted melodic words.

Her body was present in the room, yet he could see she was transported to another place that was not of this world. Adam was not sure if the effects of the fire and candle light were causing him to see things. Her face was lost in rapture and she appeared to radiate an inner light.

Soul Reflections- Ep. No. 47

At that moment he did not know her. She was more than his delicate Eve, she was emanating a supernal light, a power and radiance. Burrowing his head in her soft belly he sobbed as he had never ever cried before. His hot tears ran in rivers over her soft skin, and Evelyn tenderly stroked his hair, and let the release come. All the pain stored in his heart burst forth.

Looking up at the brilliance of the moon, a peace descended upon him. Tenderly she raised him to his feet, and dried his wet face with strands of her long black hair. Two bodies merged and two spirits soared. He felt as if he had left his body and was pure Spirit, as was his beloved. Two became one.


A humbling experience for the Catholic Church - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Two bodies, two hearts, two souls unified across time and space. When their lovemaking was over, Adam held Evelyn as if he would never let her go. They lay together watching the moon in her beauty and fullness. His tortured soul was at last content and at peace. Photo by Reynaldo Brigantty on Pexels. Intrigued, he decided to indulge her cryptic question.

No , too far! You could keep warm sipping potent Arak, and with the heady scent of incense burning wrap your arms around your true love and make love to me by moonlight and starlight!

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