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Needless to say, these are very easy to mistranslate.

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There are also cases of a sg. These should be studied in their own right. Certainly relevant in this connection are expressions such as Spanish pl. Here I would say that in Spanish the hidden assumption is to have numerous good mornings, i. The covert idea conveyed is to have many merry Christmases. Where words are not used, then the pictorial representation is of one man or woman, never two or more men or women. Where the meaning is visually clear, there is the further reason of financial consideration, and one picture or icon is cheaper than two or more.

One can imagine lecturing to an audience of two for one reason or another one male and one female. Here I would regard the pl. In older styles of British English, the sg. MSA displays many examples of this type of nominal compound in which a verbal noun is used as the second member of the construct state. I owe to James Dickins p. This parallels Lebanese Arabic exactly courtesy Huda Ghatttas, p.

Kuriakose Elias Chavara

This is perhaps to be explained as follows. The basic, hidden idea is that when one, e. Thus, there is in the mind of the native speaker the idea of singularity present in the underlying conceptual framework involved. So too with one eye being dominant or better than the other. This is common in the written English used in Saudi Arabia. Ambros suggests p. Jonathan Owens p.

It does not have a truly abstract sense. My thanks to Gonzalo Rubio p. It is very unusual in Saudi Arabia to see colloquial Arabic written, as opposed to the situation in Egypt, in which ECA is sometimes encountered, especially in advertising. I have seen this written example in Amman, Jordan.

This expression, which was seen in the National Museum in Riyadh, is not correct from a grammatical point of view. This is a very rare word in the Arab world. Indeed, one could try to make a case that in the pl. It would be difficult to prove that this is the case, although some native speakers from the Gulf countries, when queried, have actually suggested this as a hypothesis to explain the facts.

Many native speakers have related that the pl.

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What is significant is that the pl. My thanks to Zeinab Ibrahim and Huda Ghattas p. This is not really an Arabic concept; however, it is becoming more common to see in Saudi Arabia as a result of American influence there. While the first noun is pl. One would expect the pl. Huda Ghattas p. See the previous note. Another way to render this is the double pl.

Les origines du Faucon Millenium - LGE02

See preceding note. This is taken from Wehr In this case, English and Arabic match up. In a few other cases which are fascinating to explore in themselves, English has a pl. See further the end of Section 5. All these sciences use the pl. I have encountered this in Saudi Arabian usage. See further in Section This is perhaps formed on the analogy to the other sciences which use the sg. This was actually seen in Saudi Arabia. Another possible rendering is the pl.

Notice the pl. It is the latter form which has been borrowed by Persian, not the former. The reason for this is that the former term was probably even rarer many centuries ago.

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Today, it is not used. The latter term is more frequent in Syria and the Levant in general than the other Arab countries. Yasir Suleiman p.

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  6. See also n. Waheed Samy p. Since the pl. My own feeling is that this pl. Other informants report that the pl. I could not locate the pl. Related to one language is the idea of one pure Islamic society and the oneness of Muslims note the singularity of the following! For the latter terms, one can perhaps justify them since one is referring to the operation of arithmetic calculation calculating , which is one, and to the entire species of all animals as a whole, which is one, and thus sg. Once again, let me reiterate that it is not my purpose to enter into polemics here. Certainly, every Muslim I know or have ever known shares this opinion.

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    Perhaps the pl. This occurs commonly in Saudi Arabia; lit. Many informants have strong differences of opinion on this one, some accepting the asterisked double sg. Italian works just like MSA, with a sg. Many informants prefer the sg. One also encounters maktab safar, in my view, a calque based on English.

    Once again, I suspect the pl. This is certainly a calque; however, the pl. Some informants, who tended to be purists, did not accept a pl. I suspect, however, this is a moot point, since no one can be the director of more than one clinic. This usage is particularly Saudi Arabian. The English translation was, in fact, observed in Riyadh. It is the pl. He further comments that this is the reason nafas is avoided in MSA.

    Grover Hudson p. Paul Newman p. To a certain extent he might be right. This still does not account for the free variation encountered see the following note ; however, his idea is certainly worthy of follow up. The more common spelling, I believe, is without the apostrophe, however. Let me hasten to add that for some, the apostrophe might be erroneous. Note forms such as Rams game, Bears victory, and Reds lead vs. Angel game, Dodger lead, and Tiger victory. It should be kept in mind that English does have a hyphenated rule which calls for a sg. Angus, p. No hospital can be infested with only one mouse, since that would be a contradiction of terms.

    Was this simply a mistake in the spelling, or was there much more to it? Still a valuable discussion of the interrelationships between phonology and syntax is Hetzron However, there certainly are native speakers who disagree. This is an extremely rich and intricate topic, and beyond the scope of our central focus in this essay. LabartaRecetas ]. LabartaNovelda ]. Lamm, Carl J. LammTiraz ].

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    Legendre, Marie, "Islamic conquest, territorial reorganization and empire formation:: a study of seventh-century movements of population in the light of Egyptian papyri", Gnasso, Alessandro I. Legendre, Marie, "Neither Byzantine nor Islamic? LiebrenzQuittung ] in APD. Veroeffentlichungen aus der Heidelberger Papyrus-Sammlung. Liebrenz, Boris, "An Arabic Letter ca.