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Tolstoy L. Children 6 reasons to give a child a book from the series "Read for yourself": 1. Large print the correct academic style for…. Large print the correct academic style for optimal reading by the child. Words with accents — the selection of the accented syllable helps the child to avoid difficulties in determining the place of stress. Very thick white paper pages easy to flip, they do not crumple and do not break even after numerous "Litani", text and pictures are not see-through.

The fascinating text — the child will want to know "how it ends". A harmonious balance of text and illustrations, the child will not rush to turn the page to see the next picture. Gift format — the perfect size for a child starting to read; the book is well included on any bookshelf. In the house where a lot of books, children grow up more successful and diverse than their peers. Surround the child with books, give him a happy future!

Turgenev I. Mumu Before you book from the series "Classics in schools", which contains all the works studied in elementary school, middle…. Don't waste time looking for literary works, because these books have everything you need to read on the school curriculum: for reading in class and for home assignments. Spare your child from a long search and failed lessons. The book includes works by I. Turgenev, which is taught in 5th grade. The big book of creativity with children. Simple crafts with kindergarten and school Siren of popcorn, moon soda, van Gogh painting from the figure - insanely beautiful, but simple in execution the….

Series Gift edition. Inna Tolstov, a loving mother and a popular instagram-blogger, gathered on the pages of this book lots of craft ideas for kindergarten, school and just creativity at home. Unusual techniques will not only make your crafts unique, but also will develop baby! Three tales for kids In the book "Three tales for children" included three stories of Vladimir Grigorievich Suteev for the little ones:…. Series The wonder of a fairy tale! The history is very simple, the plot is simple, a lot of pictures and small captions. These stories kids are the easiest to understand and learn how to make friends, to be independent and kind.

All the best stories about Prostokvashino Welcome to the village of Buttermilk! You are waiting for inseparable friends — uncle Fyodor, cat Matroskin and the dog…. You are waiting for inseparable friends — uncle Fyodor, cat Matroskin and the dog Sharik!

And yet, the postman Pechkin, galchonok Vatika, cow Murka and calf Gavryusha. Year-round life of Prostokvashino interesting and rich. So many events happening every day! You know the best stories about the Buttermilk of the novels "Uncle Fyodor, dog and cat", "Winter in Prostokvashino", "uncle Fedor's Aunt" and "Favorite girl uncle Fedor" collected in this great book! Stepanov V. Read immediately after the primer The book is a wonderful poet V. Stepanova "Read immediately after the primer" will help kids learn to read easy and fun! The book includes the alphabet, ABC, syllable reading, and reading with emphasis, riddles, tongue twisters, short stories for independent reading with questions, verses to memorize for the holidays.

Rodari Dzh. Book levels Il. So Lyakhovich Intricate questions of children sometimes baffled adults with its unexpected and unusual. Almost 60 hilarious answers to…. Almost 60 hilarious answers to such questions were collected in his "Book levels" of the Italian writer and story-teller Gianni Rodari.

Learning the game fun and easy! Cave lion Joseph roney-Senior , the author of many fiction and "prehistoric" novels and stories, is a classic of French…. The novel "Cave lion" as his first novel, "the prehistoric series" "Struggle for fire", takes readers from the stone age, when primitive people were forced to fight for survival. The main character named University of the tribe of alamro along with other Suram goes in search of fertile land, where his tribe can be free to hunt, not knowing hunger.

The author vividly and entertainingly tells about the dangerous adventure of courage and bravery with which the friends go to their goals. For secondary school age.

Read e-book Рисование с детьми 3-4 лет (Библиотека воспитателя) (Russian Edition)

Quest for fire "Quest for fire" — the card classics of French literature Joseph roney Sr. Written in , the book still reads with…. Written in , the book still reads with great interest and is popular all over the world. Fire, given to people by nature, were a refuge for prehistoric tribes. He was protected from cold, hunger, wild animals Primitive people deified the fire — for them it was Fire.

And that's when the tribe alamro lost it, the young hunter and warrior Nao, the son of the Leopard, together with two friends goes on a dangerous journey to get a new fire and rescue relatives Prishvin M. About birds and animals Your attention is invited to the book About birds and animals M. Prishvin Fig.

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Obruchev V. Marshak, A.

Mikhalkov, A. Barto, D. Stories, poems, songs, funny stories for boys who love to play football, to ride a bike, go Hiking and read books!

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Our book with love to worship and girls they would like to learn more about the boys. Illustrations of famous artists V. Suteev, E. Bulatov and O. Vasiliev, O.

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Zotova and others. Why are birds wings? Why do…. Why do we yawn? Why do we hunger? Why camel hump? Each page of the book is the question the answer to which will definitely surprise you and will allow you to learn a lot.