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Most of the time the bigger pandas don't mind waiting for Flo, but they can only wait so long on this particular Saturday, when they have so much to do. They decide to leave her behind while they go boating. As it turns out, they need to be rescued, and Flo can help, simply because she's been paying attention to the little details that the others failed to notice. This picture book provides a humorous reminder that everyone needs downtime to observe, think, and dream.

The Crusades and Western Cultural Imagination

Although the Little Princess loves her father, he often cannot teach her the things she wants to learn. But, as it turns out, her father is proud of her for simply taking a risk and for trying something new. The last illustration shows the two embracing and a daughter who is grateful for the father she has.

Ten Cents a Pound. Nhung N. Second Story. In its pages, a young girl notes the toll her mother's hard physical labor in the coffee fields has taken on her body.

Although the mother is illiterate and may never learn to read and write, she willingly sacrifices her dreams so that her daughter can attend school, which makes her tedious daily labor worthwhile. As has been the case for generations, this mother wants more for her daughter than performing backbreaking labor for 10 cents a pound.

Kathleen Krull. Maple Lam.

Krull unearths interesting facts about famous siblings, including Queen Elizabeth I and Mary I, who battled for the throne of England; Edwin and John Wilkes Booth, talented actors divided by their views on slavery; and Chang and Eng Bunker, conjoined twins who married different women and had several children.

While history fans will enjoy the chapters on the Kennedys and Romanovs, other readers will gravitate to the chapters that depict recent siblings, including football stars Peyton and Eli Manning and older brother Cooper, and musician Demi Lovato and her sister Madison De La Garza. The cartoon drawings accompanying the biographical sketches add to the book's appeal, and there is a list of sources and an index for reference.

In this heartrending story, Brodie has died under suspicious circumstances, and is unable to cross over to the afterlife until he knows his boy, Aiden, is safe. Going against natural laws about life and death, Brodie returns to Earth, accompanied by Tuck, a strong pit bull, who seeks redemption for his own mistakes.

As memories of his life with Aiden emerge, some blissful and others filled with fear, Brodie risks his own future out of love and loyalty. Back on Earth, Brodie and Tuck are joined by a stray cat named Patsy and beset by hellhounds bent on consuming their souls. Brodie faces disappointment, betrayal, and heartbreak, but he also realizes just how courageous he is and how loyal others can be as well. Readers will be captivated by the strong bond between a boy and his dog, and the idea of love that transcends death. The Journey of Little Charlie. Christopher Paul Curtis.

Bad luck seems to plague Little Charlie Bobo. After his father dies in a freak accident in the South Carolina woods, slave catcher Cap'n Buck claims that the Bobo family owes him money and that year-old Charlie can pay off those debts if he accompanies him on a journey north to bring back some thieves. But once Charlie realizes that they're after former slaves, a man, a woman, and their son, he balks. There's not a single misstep in this story about the Fugitive Slave Act and some of the evil practices it inspired as free African American and African Canadian men, women, and children were often kidnapped and taken down South.

The rhythmic storytelling and deftly created characters prompt readers to question what they might have done in certain situations. The author's note ruminates on how rarely many of us act on our better instincts, leaving action to others. I Miss You. Jen Petro-Roy.

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Feiwel and Friends. In this powerful debut novel, seventh grader Evie is heartbroken when her pregnant older sister, Cilla, is sent to stay with an elderly relative. Forbidden to speak with Cilla, Evie secretly sends her letters. As Evie struggles to make sense of what's going on and why her strict Catholic parents refuse to talk about her sister, she hopes that Cilla will come back. During the year that Evie sends letters to Cilla, she begins to question her faith, her parents' honesty and judgment, and her own sexuality. As she experiences strange new feelings toward June, a transfer student, she desperately seeks Cilla's advice about romantic feelings and what's right and what's wrong and whether something that seems so right could be wrong.

Best Books for 12-Year Olds (7th Graders)

Victoria Stevens. Seventeen-year-old Hazel Clarke has been sent to stay in Australia with the father she never even knew existed while her mother resolves her health issues back in England. In doing so, Hazel is supported her father and a friendly, artistic neighbor, Red, and his twin, Luca, who is battling his own demons. In Search of Us. Ava Dellaira. Weaving past with present, this book follows year-old Angie on a road trip to California and journey of self-discovery to find out the truth about her father.

He is displeased and judgmental when Marilyn begins spending time with James, the grandson of neighbors, because James is black. While Marilyn wants to please her mother and keep things calm at home, she also needs an outlet.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms - Wikipedia

As often happens, realizations come with a high price for both Angie and Marilyn. Barbara A. She spent 25 years teaching in the public schools of New Orleans, where she worked with students at every grade level, from kindergarten through high school, as well as several ability levels. She is certified in elementary education, English education, and gifted education.

She holds a bachelor's in communications and a master's in English education from the University of Tennessee and a PhD in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of New Orleans. Monsters Beware! Chronicles of Claudette 3. Jorge Aguirre. Rafael Rosado. Claudette marches to her own beat—a quality that goes unappreciated by many in her town. When Mont Petit Pierre hosts the Warrior Games, she's eager to use her sword-fighting skills to bring glory to her hometown.

To Claudette's dismay, the teams compete in fierce bouts of butter churning, table-setting, and weaving.

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New Shoes. Sara Varon. Francis the donkey is thrilled to make shoes for Miss Manatee, a talented calypso singer popular in Guyana, where the story is set. There's just one problem: He needs more tiger grass, an important material for his custom-made shoes. When he realizes that Nigel, his usual supplier, has disappeared, Francis must travel through the jungle himself to find what he needs. Along the way, Francis, accompanied by Rhoda, a friendly parrot, faces several challenges, including unfamiliar terrain and a river crossing, and meets several helpful animals.

Read The First Four Chapters Of The Ship Beyond Time

The back matter includes photographs of the places and animals taken by Varon in Guyana to use as references as she was creating the book. Nick Bruel. When a head injury causes Kitty to think she's a dog, Puppy is so traumatized by her strange behavior that he is sent to a camp to recover from his trauma. Uncle Murray's Camp for Stressed-Out Dogs provides an idyllic setting for canines to recuperate and get back their canine confidence.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms Audiobook, Chapter 1 Part 3: The Rise of Tyrants (Sound English)

But this canine kingdom is in trouble when Kitty smuggles herself into camp. Kitty struggles with learning basic dog skills, such as fetching and swimming, but she enjoys the campfire stories. After sniffing some catnip, she channels her inner cat goddess and returns to her cat self, darting into the woods. But the woods are no place for a feline, even one like Bad Kitty, and she and Uncle Murray, her would-be rescuer, come face to face with a bear.

Nick Bruel doesn't show readers what happens to the bear, but it's quite clear that it wasn't pretty, judged by how proudly Kitty leaves the battleground with her head and tail held high. Ian Boothby. Nina Matsumoto. An intelligent, talking litter box narrates this humorous yet inspiring story. After two cats, August and Charlie, escape from an animal testing lab, they decide to fight local crime.

Disguised in a mechanical dog suit, the partners leap to the rescue when someone is in peril. Meanwhile, a strange couple with an adorable baby appears at the most surprising places and times.

Alert readers will realize right away that they can't be trusted, and won't be surprised when Charlie is lured into their home. While the friendships depicted here aren't perfect, August proves that he will do anything for Charlie. Tui T. Barry Deutsch. Mike Holmes. Had one of them not been threatened by their minders, they still might have remained hidden beneath that mountain.

In this book, readers watch Clay, the mudwing dragon, develop and resist some of his darker urges. Vibrant artwork depicts the brave but perilous escape of Clay and Tsunami and dramatic battle scenes. Hermes: Tales of the Trickster Olympians Once again, George O'Connor brings the classic myths of Greek gods and goddesses in all their glorious imperfection to life, focusing on trickster Hermes in this latest book.

Knowledgeable readers will know to question anything they see or hear from Hermes. From there, he wreaks havoc in Olympus and on Earth. Complemented by lavish, detailed artwork, sometimes relying on panels sliced into interesting strips and sometimes featuring a double-page spread of an important scene, the storytelling is engaging with subtle character development hinting at the human frailties of some of the gods and goddesses. Mairghread Scott.