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Our highly qualified medical, scientific and technical staff offers comprehensive and individual support services for physicians regarding all clinical and diagnostic questions. EUR Sehr geringe originale Laufleistung! Top Agrarausstattug! Keep in mind that almost all Unimogs are made to order, so each vehicle may have a vast array of factory options.

These have separate Lamp Leads for Brake Lights and Turn Signals thus eliminating the need to re-wire your vehicle to upgrade the rear lighting! This is a Volt Signal Splitter that is easy to install. Unimog Flexible Drive can offer custom length remote valve control cables with kits and operators.

It is all breakers that areaccessibleright in front of the driver's dash board. Unimog and G-Class: summit of the off-road giants Vehicles that rise to top form in extreme terrain, have captivated with amazing technological feats for decades and have a dedicated worldwide fan Type You may sort the ads of Unimog trucks by price, year of production, meter readout or country. This guide will help you understand the basic specifications of each model.

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A camper box for the getaway off the beaten path and a fire fighting unit with gallons of water for the hot, dry weather problems we've been having. With tradition, experience, honesty, transparency, skill, courage and steely discipline, we achieve distinctive standards in Unimog restoration and the procurement of spare parts for Unimogs.

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  • Neurological Rehabilitation for Stroke (Queen Square Neurological Rehabilitation).

Can't find the part you need? All brands represented herein are the trademark property of their respective Unimog UL. These trucks are meant to last while being used hard. Our parts are supplied free of shipping charges. The , one of the "SBU" cab style trucks, is one of the more common mogs in that the European military purchased a bunch of them and they are now available as surplus. As a modern replacement for the venerable U family, it is based on the SBU series with a high visibility steel cab, seating for 3, and offers a heated safety glass windshield.

For universal solutions for off-road transport and expedition vehicles, work with the experts. Auftritt links und rechts bei eBay. Unimog Implement As we are just in a kind of pre-marketing phase, we just wanted to know your opinion, about our new front mountable to almost all the SBU. Kompetentes Technikforum um den Unimog als Reisemobil. The Unimog club in Gaggenau is brought into being.

This is despite its soft cover a rather comprehensive catalog of Unimog models and history from its humble beginnings to about and the then current SBU series. Thank you for visiting the Unimog Exchange. These are a 8 ton winch capable of pulling the unimog out of all except the nastiest bog holes. A general diesel mechanic in a small town will understand a or an SBU, whereas repair of a current diesel engine is often a non-starter unless the required diagnostic computer is available.

The Diesel engine was a new crate motor from Mercedes when the Military had this truck rebuilt.

The series represents the ultimate evolution of the SBU series Unimogs. Diese Seite verwendet Cookies.

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Here is a great opportunity to get into a larger scale SBU Unimog for a fraction of their normal price. I know, there are fitment issues and supports that will need to be dealt with but will it work in principal. The Unimog is also much stronger than the in virtually every respect. Unimog high output alternator 12v 90 amp 24v Vehicle is a left hand drive, and is already registered and taggedwith a current Oklahoma licenseplate.

Buy your Key Chain now! There is also a list of all used Unimog trucks grouped by model. A picture of your Mog would help. Welcome to United Parts Service, or, "Unipaser". We are now proud to offer many parts for not only the Unimog but also other military trucks that are often difficult to find and even obsolete at bargain prices. Our team showcases a broad array of products in stock and ready to ship online. The U, standard GVW 16, Lbs optional 18, Lbs , wheelbase " optional " use the world proven series diesel engine, HP, turbocharged, 5.

The MFK series with a reach of 6. Unit can be viewed by appointment. The SBU series can be configured for any task which is suitable for a Unimog. Many of these parts are obsolete and are no longer available, even through Mercedes Benz. However, no other Unimog offers the power to weight ratio's of the U The expensive wheeled and heavy wheeled units on the market today can only be used in one direction, and rely on lots of overpriced gimmicks to get your attention.

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Free shipping. They are all 6 cylinder diesels, some with turbo and some without. Considered the most Used SBU cab. Fairly ugly looking but a good starting point for a refurbishment. Discover and save! Mostly, our compressors have been assembled with clutch. The marketplace is designed to offer used machinery seekers with options to choose on equipment auctions by location, auction houses and machinery type.

The military Unimog S series is the first Unimog designed to be an offroad truck rather than a tractor, and it is the only series production Unimog that has an Otto engine.

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We sell accelerator, speedo, brake, mechanical cables, Hilex control and marine cables. The SBU body style parts are more expensive and not all dealers carry them. The SBU depends highly on vacuum operated systems and as such, there is a ton of vacuum lines. We don't "decommission". For transport purposes the power arm is parked at the front of the vehicle. My Unimog recently underwent a full refurbishment in their workshop and I have to say the result has been nothing short of superb.