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Local news reporter Nick VinZant posted a photo of Teddy sitting at a long table surrounded by dozens of empty paper plates on Facebook, asking others to wish the youngster a happy birthday following the sad turnout. Sil Mazzini, Teddy's mum, told ABC15 that 32 party invitations had been sent out to the kindergartener's classmates and their parents. She said a few people respond that they wouldn't be able to make it - but the rest of the guests were simply no-shows.

However, she said the family would hold its own celebration on Monday night by reading birthday wishes shared after the photo she passed along to VinZant went viral, the MailOnline reported. Facebook user Tyler Hendrick commented: "From one friend to another: People are wonderful, but the quantity matters little.

It is the quality of those you choose that matter. That is the best part! William O'Brien wrote: "Happy birthday my man.

Once you realize happiness is from the inside stuff like this won't hurt so bad. Wish I'd known I'd have made the drive to see you. Happy birthday lil fella.


I'm a parent of two boys and would love to become friends with you guys! You are only a kid once!!!! Much love and hugs!!!! Among the well wishes was a message from the Suns, who tweeted: "How about we celebrate with thousands at our place! Each episode tended to focus on one individual G. I Joe Character, probably because the cartoon was a vehicle to market the over action figures produced by Hasbro.

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Like Transformers, another successful Hasbro toyline, G. Joe was made into a hit movie for the big screen after the millennium. This is probably the Mecca of all 80s cartoons, and the most successful translation of an 80s animated TV series into blockbuster feature films.

The good robots were the Autobots led by Optimus Prime who battled the evil Decepticons led by Megatron. The best thing that came out of this cartoon series, apart from the movies, was the very awesome transforming robot toys, especially the special robot teams that could combine to form an even bigger more powerful robot — like the Constructicons Devastator , the Combaticons Bruticus , the Protectobots Defensor and the Aerialbots Superion.

Somewhere in the recesses of your mind, you probably might have stored some faint memories of this other transforming robot cartoon called Challenge of the Gobots. This cartoon was based on the Gobots toy-line released by Tonka. The funny thing about these robots is that they rarely used guns, instead shooting out blasts of energy through their fists. The retail war ended in with Hasbro, which produced the Transformers toyline, buying over Tonka, effectively ending the battle between the two robot franchises.

We all know who Spiderman is thanks to the popular Marvel comics and movies, but only 80s kids will remember that he teamed up with the subzero ice blasting Iceman who was an original X-man and the microwave heat energy generating Firestar another member of the X-men. Best part of this show was watching Iceman transform by encasing himself in a wall of ice before breaking out to complete his transformation, and then blasting these ice highways that he could skate on to go wherever he wanted to go. La la la la la la… was like an alarm clock every Sunday morning that told you it was time to get out of bed and watch The Smurfs!

Created in Belgium, these cute blue creatures lived in mushrooms, wore white trousers with a hole for their short tails as well as a white hat. Most of the over different smurfs looked similar, except for some that were dressed differently to emphasize unique personality traits such as Handy Smurf who wore overalls and a brimmed hat instead of the standard Smurf get-up.

Most of the smurfs, led by Papa Smurf, were males, with a few exceptions like Smurfette and Nanny Smurf who were female.


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Their biggest enemy was the evil wizard Gargamel who was always trying to find some way to locate the Smurf village and capture the Smurfs for use in his magic. As environmental concerns came to the forefront at the end of the 80s, Captain Planet and the Planeteers was created as a form of edutainment advocating environmentalism.

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