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So long as they are transparent—and if you are tech savvy—you might trust their services.

France recalls ambassador from Italy over ‘baseless attacks’

Still, I am not entirely convinced. Proper regulation of these entities will remain a pillar of trust. Should we go further? Beyond regulation, should the state remain an active player in the market for money?

Should it fill the void left by the retreat of cash? Let me be more specific: should central banks issue a new digital form of money? A state-backed token, or perhaps an account held directly at the central bank, available to people and firms for retail payments? True, your deposits in commercial banks are already digital.

English Translation of “non c'è un alito di vento” | Collins Italian-English Dictionary

But a digital currency would be a liability of the state, like cash today, not of a private firm. This is not science fiction. Various central banks around the world are seriously considering these ideas, including Canada, China, Sweden, and Uruguay. They are embracing change and new thinking—as indeed is the IMF.

It focuses on domestic, not cross-border effects of digital currency. The paper is available on the IMF website. I believe we should consider the possibility to issue digital currency. There may be a role for the state to supply money to the digital economy. Generally, and unfortunately, this happens near the shore so that waves transfer all their huge content of energy on the coast.

An observer standing on a beach where is arriving tsunami, may observe, at the beginning, water retiring toward open sea, leaving in a dry condition cliffs and low sea beds, as in conseguence of a strong phase of low tide.


Then he may observe sea lifting its level and invading the inshore land, in form of enormous waves with a violence that anything can stop; he may observe the arriving of other waves, higher and higher until a trend inversion occur, generally at the fifht or sixth wave. Tsunami waves are oscillation waves and, like every oscillation wave, may present reflexing, refracting o diffracting processes.

This feature rends possible the circumstance that an island may be hit by the same tsunami waves from different directions. Pacific islands are at any time under the risk of tsunami waves. Pacific ocean is infact sorrounded from an endless belt of strong sismogenical areas.

And we know that earthquakes, expecially if their epicentrum is placed under the oceans, are what generate tsumami. Many of this islands are atolls, with very low heights on medium sea level: so when a tsunami arrives, the escaping possibility of resident populations are very little. A positive effect of protection is due to the presence of coral reef, circumstance that clearly took place in Hawaii tsunami on 1st april It faced tsunami waves coming from north the generating earthquake was near Aleutine Islands, about km north , smoothing waves down to less than half a metre in height.

Who lived under the protection of coral reef, had no awareness of what happening not so far away. Some estimation not validate reports that major waves height reaching Hawaii was of metri height of a building of levels.

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To forecast a tsunami with some day of advance is not possible because of the impossibility in forecasting earthquake that will generate tsunami. Around this place.

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